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Yes, free parking is available, making a visit to Sky Dental as easy and convenient as possible.

Yes! We are conveniently located on a bus route.

We accept all major local-area insurance providers. If you are unsure if your insurance is covered, we would be happy to check for you. Please give us a call.

For your convenience, we will gladly check with your insurance provider to find out what your out-of-pocket expenses would be under your plan. We will also be happy to file your claims and accept assignment of dental insurance benefits.

For your privacy, some insurance companies will choose not to provide your information to us on your behalf. Unfortunately, in these cases, it will be your responsibility to provide our office staff with the required information. If you fail to provide us with critical insurance information before your treatment is underway, you could be 100% responsible for covering the cost at the time of the treatment. If for some unforeseen reason your insurance carrier has denied or not made payment within 90 days, you will still be responsible for the balance in full.

We reserve the appointment slot exclusively for you. We do not double book. Therefore, we would ask that you give us 48-hours notice to cancel an appointment so we have time to offer the slot to someone else who may be waiting.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, head to your nearest urgent care or emergency room. A dental emergency includes uncontrollable bleeding, an abscess or suspected infection, broken or knocked-out teeth, or pain that is unbearable or prevents you from eating or sleeping.

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